Little wild animals in big trouble

Since beginning of the year 2012 I support the association "Kleine Wildtiere in großer Not" ("Little wild animals in big trouble").

I asked my fans in a big mailing to do without presents for me at the concerts, and to support this association by making donations. 

How did that come?

When I was a child, I took home all possible small and young animals, intending to "save" them. There were young blackbirds, sparrows, greenfinchs, and once it was a little young hedgehog. Nearly all of them, except some very few cases, have died, maybe because of the wrong feed or because of the wrong keeping. I had to painfully learn that only the good will to help is not enough, and that much expert knowledge and experience is needed in order to really help. The voluntary staff of the association "Kleine Wildtiere in großer Not" know from years of experience exactly how to help, and which young animal needs how much of which feed in order to survive, so that it can afterwards be reintroduced to its natural surrounding.


About the association:

The association is located at Hilmteichstraße 106 in A - 8010 Graz and has been founded by the chairlady Monika Großmann in 2005. Its aim is to accomodate, nurture and tend injured and orphaned wild animals, and to reintroduce them to the wild again. In the meantime the association's dedication got around so far, that animal foundlings are brought from all Austria, especially because there isn't any further institution of that kind all over the country. To the main part the association is financed by donations and membership fees.

If one really wants to please me, I would ask to bring me no more presents to the concerts, but to make your present a donation for the association "Kleine Wildtiere in Not".

Everyone who decides do make a donation to this association instead of giving me a present, will be displayed in a special "Monika Martin fan donator's list" on the association's website without mention of the contribution's amount. In order to discern donations from Monika Martin's fans from other donations, the association has installed a separate bank account number (see below).

And here are the details of the donation's account for Monika Martin fans:

Bank name: Steiermärkische Sparkasse
Account number: 00022596035
Bank code: 20815
IBAN: AT 84 20815 00022596035

Association's website:

24-hours-emergency hotline (all over Austria): 0650 - 64 52 53 5

I THANK YOU in advance in the name of the many little animal babies who get a second chance because of You!



PS: Even if some voices might get loud and say that one should not help a wild animal that is weak, injured or fallen out of the nest, because it has no chance to survive in the future anyway: in my opinion it is always someone else who decides if that animal will then survive or not.