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Jeder Tag ist Valentinstag Valentin - -
Jedes Ende ist ein Beginn Beginn1 Beginn11 Beginn21
Dann träume ich mir Flügel Beginn2 Beginn12 Beginn22
Sukara Sayonara Beginn3 Beginn13 Beginn23
Aloha Blue Monika1 Monika10 Monika20
Eisprinzessin Monika2 Monika11 Monika21
Schmetterlinge d'Amour Monika3 Monika12 Monika22
Wir schaffen das Monika4 Monika13 Monika23
La Luna blu Monika5 Monika14 Monika24
Du warst da (als der Sommer kam) Monika6 Monika15 Monika25
Heute fühl' ich mich wie zwanzig Monika7 Monika16 Monika26
Sterne über'm Paradies Monika8 Monika17 Monika27
Colour pictures Code

And that simple is it
1) Simply send an SMS with the corresponding keyword (e.g. MONIKA5 for the realtone "La Luna Blu") to the telephone number of your country:

Germany: 22559
(all German net providers except Talkline, VictorVox,, plus € 0,12 T-D1 TPL/VD2-contribution plus download charges

Austria: 0900 414141
(all net providers except Drei)
Switzerland: 84141

2)  You immediately receive a return SMS. Open it and confirm the link. After a moment the download of your chosen track resp. image starts automatically. Afterwards please confirm and click on "Setup ringtone resp. image‚ÄöÖ√π or "Save".


Costs: No danger! You do not have to pay the ringtone or the image before you really download it!

Realtones are at € 2,99 / SMS (Switzerland: CHF 4,00)
Mono / Polys / Colour pictures are at € 1,99 / SMS (Switzerland: CHF 3,00)

Compatibility: All mobile phones with colour display are compatible with colour pictures, poly and mono ringtones. For download of ringtones & wallpapers the WAP / GPRS settings have to be activated. All related information is available from your net provider. Terms and conditions, compatibility list and more ringtones and images you can find on www.labelstudio.de, www.labelstudio.at and www.labelstudio.ch.    

Still doesn't work? Simply refer to our customer service - they are pleased to help you: e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ‚ Phone: 0180 - 222 75 20 (all German telephone networks - ‚Ǩ 0,06 / call)