A - Z

That which exists between two human beings is like what is written between the lines.

Bread and butter
Mostly I do not have breakfast because I prefer spending these minutes in bed additionally. It is only for a croissant that I get up earlier.

Generally I love fast and beautiful cars, but after long tours I am very glad to get off finally.


Due to my shows and the travelling that goes with them, I get to know Germany in all its landscape facets, and I don't want to miss any of the personal contacts I have made.


As a Taurus one doesn't want to face the fact that everything is transitory. I hope that my songs will endure...


My audience is my most important "indicator".


Graz is worth a visit! Come and see !!!


To me heartiness is the international key to open doors.


Ideas and dreams are the first step towards reality.


Jesus always gives me hold.

Keeping one's word

I am true to my word.

Living easy

Being withour any worries and feeling safe was my most important basis for everything during my childhood.


Swimming against the stream has nothing to do with courage. Sometimes it is only about staying true to oneself.

Never satisfied

One always has the choice wether to be satisfied or to remain unsatisfied.

Oh la la
Topless is not for me. I am much to shy :-)

Remote controlled model airplanes and cars I like much more than mixers and juicers.

Sometimes it would be better to bite my tongue than always speaking out my thoughts.

Rest period
Rest periods are very important to really attain the goal. 

When I was a child I used to take amphibians and salamanders out of the Rettenbachklamm and watched them in my aquarium.

I love to dance...

This always reminds me of my favourite movie "Some like it hot".

Very important
I find it very important that miracles exist. And they happen every day!

Health is the visible result if one is centered in himself.

Music is like a spring that never runs dry.

... I like to see on postcards only. I very much prefer being at home.

I don't strain my soul with violent films and thrillers any more.