Concerts in the church


"When Monika Martin sings, one gets all silent, the heart listens, and tranquility settles in."

P1150945It is not seldom that people who have seen a live concert by Monika Martin say that.

Monika Martin doesn't make a secret out of the fact that she loves her homeland very much, and it is also no secret that her belief in God carries her through her life.

This is one of the reasons why she made the step into the church with her concerts. "My belief carries me through my life", or "Trust in God is the most beautiful thing that can happen in one's life" - these are confessions that can be heard in her moderations - and they are not only heard, one also believes her. One can feel that she means it exactly that way, and one feels it when she sings, at this holy place.

The repertoire covers not only the pieces known from the church service. It is songs which become a sound experience - prepared by her moderation - that does the soul good. But titles like "Großer Gott wir loben Dich" or "Wie groß bist Du" will surely not be missing.

Especially in the church it is possible to leave behind one's everyday life, to stand aside, in order to be able to stand one's ground invigoratedly. Especially in the church one can hear the silent sounds, and everything the heart says, better.

P1130263A church concert allows the batteries to recharge again, and one gets the necessary distance to everything that happens all around.

In case that you are interested in organising a church concert with Monika Martin in the church of your home place, you have the possibility to contact us here. We will be glad to inform you about all the details regarding the concert and everything that is to be considered in our response.



Church concert in Monika Martin's home basilica Mariatrost, Graz (2009)


Church concert in Wildschönau, Tyrol (2009)


Church concert in Markuskirche in Chemnitz, Germany (2009)


Church concert in Germany in Summer 2009


Church concert in Germany in Summer 2009


Church concert by Monika Martin in Germany's biggest village church, Cunewalde (2009)